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CreativePages™ is what you need to bring your magazines, catalogs and other printed media to life on the web. If you want your important content to be read with ease on computers, Smartphones and tablet PCs alike, that is exactly what CreativePages™ was created for.

Whether accessing the content through an Android or iOS device, everything is delivered in all its glory staying true to your original design in every way.

And it is also as versatile as it gets – your publications can be brought to life as a standard web offering, or to be used offline directly from a memory stick or CD.

Giving digital publishing and catalogs a much-needed creative touch

What Do We Do?

We offer a service designed for any businesses with physical publications they would like to get in front of the eyes of millions online.

What we do is take over where your design team leaves off. You give us the materials and the design specifics you want your publications to feature and we take care of the technical stuff. Your publications will be brought to life in a digital format like never before and your existing and prospective clients will be seriously impressed by the versatility and convenience you display.

What Do I Have to Do?

As much or as little as you like! All we need from you is the content you are looking to take digital in PDF, Word, PowerPoint or JPG form. You can make the designs as easy or complicated as you like and we will work out magic on it. Just be sure to send us a file that is of decent quality so we can make a good job of it all!

Is it Expensive?

That depends on the complexity of the job. You will almost always find that the overall cost of the project is lower than you would expect it to be, and we promise that we will never, ever be beaten on price. Work with us and you will always be in safe hands with the budget you have.

What Do I Get Back?

When we have transformed your publications, you will get back everything you need to publish the digital version on your website along with full, personalized instructions to help you along the way.

And if you request an offline version to be used on a memory stick or CD, you will also be provided with the necessary files.

Do I need it?

CreativePages™ offers an arsenal of benefits, which include:

Savings on Printing Expenses

You can cut down on the amount you have to print or go 100% paperless and quit printing altogether. In either case you will be saving a fortune.

Take a Greener Direction

Speaking of savings, along with pocketing plenty of extra cash by cutting down on printing costs, you will also be doing your ‘bit’ for the environment by using a digital alternative.

A Richer Reading Experience

The digital reading experience can be so much deeper and richer than standard paper – something your clients will be more than happy with.

Maximum Distribution, Minimum Costs

Send your digital publication over the web to millions of potential customers for almost no costs at all.

Great ROI

It is almost impossible not to come out with a great return in relation to your initial investment.

Mobile Revolution Ready

The world has already made the shift to Smartphones and Tablet PCs as primary tools for reading and research – be ready with your digital publications.

Search Engines Exposure

Chances are they will never find your printed brochure with a Google search, but your online publication is ready and waiting



CreativePages™ - Flipping Pages Into Ideas

Features and Benefits

We are adding to the list of features your digital content will boast every day, and are always open to requests. As of right now however, here are just a few examples of the features and benefit you can expect as standard:

• Full MAC OS and Windows compatibility.

• Professional results in keeping with your original graphic design.

• Table of contents.

• Full compliance with all interface languages features.

• Powerful and efficient built-in search tool.

• Full Smartphone and Tablet compatibility, including all major iOS
  and Android devices.

• Zoom option for easy reading.

• Share option to distribute content by email or via social networks.

• PDF versions of publications can be downloaded.

• Print function.

• Option of adding videos to the publication.

• Saving and managing bookmarks.

• Search engine-ready content.

• Possible integration of Google Analytics for tracking statistical information.

• Offline version suitable for distribution on any CD or USB memory stick.

• Option for password protection of the publication and the control of visitors.

Offline Version

One of the biggest advantages of CreativePages™ is that you can choose an offline page as well as or instead of a primary online publication. These offline versions can be hugely valuable as they can be read anytime and anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

We offer these offline publications complete with auto-run software, which means that the moment the CD or memory stick is inserted, up pops your publication in all its glory!

And if you request it, we can even include an opening menu that offers access to your publication as a whole, specific areas of it or any other media or website you would like to direct your readers to.

Attractive Design, Memorable Experience

Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines, or your books, are given new life with CreativePages™. Forget about dull and dreary Doc files and pathetically paltry PDFs, a CreativePages™ publication is all about the dynamic reader experience that offers so much more than words on paper alone. It is as pleasant to read as a regular page in any book, but a thousand times more enjoyable and memorable.

Table of Contents

CreativePages™ includes an interactive ‘Table of Contents’, allowing direct passage to any chapter or page in the publication. You can also create as many links as you like which direct to other areas of the publication internally, or perhaps externally to another website.

Text Search

Another invaluable tool we offer is ‘Text Search’ which allows readers to find any specific word or passage in an instant, by keying it in. What is more, each and every word of text utilized in an online publication can be read and indexed by the major search engines – pure gold for earning traffic!

Zooming in and out

CreativePages™ technology leads to a stunning digital document of the highest quality. This means the kind of detail, clarity and sharpness you could never achieve in a printed publication and thus the ability to zoom in without compromising quality. This is a hugely important feature for Smartphone and Tablet readers – one that we cover as standard!


Smartphone and Tablet Support

Nowadays, getting your publication read by mobile web users is perhaps even more important than appealing to the desktop crowd. The reason being that the latter group is dying out, while mobile web use is exploding by the day.

CreativePages™ creates publications that are fully compatible with all popular Smartphone and Tablet PCs round the world, using iOS or Android operating systems. This means a potential audience of tens of millions you may otherwise have missed out on.

Search Engine Optimization

Use your CreativePages™ publication as website content and your search engine optimization efforts are in for some serious benefits. Every single element of the publication will be fully optimized to be read by the search engine’s indexation spiders, which means more credit awarded to your site and better rankings as a result.

Google Analytics

CreativePages™ offers Google analytics code inclusion in the final publication. This allows you to receive detailed statistical information on the number of visitors that accessed the publication and their behaviour during their visit, which in turn allows for evaluation of what is and is not working for you. This is the best way of confirming successful strategies and focusing additional efforts on profitable areas.

Publication Protection

And as far as security goes, CreativePages™ has you covered. We make it possible to protect any or all areas of your publication at a variety of levels. If you only want your publication to be readable from your own website or those you approve, no problem at all! And if you would like to password protect any or all of your content, consider it done!

We understand there is often sensitive and confidential information to look after and we’re here to serve!

socialSharing on social networks

With CreativePages™ your readers are able to spread your message far and wide with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more social networks. We include a ‘Share’ feature which makes it easy for them to share all or part of your publication at the push of a button, which means valuable exposure the likes of which money alone cannot buy!


Case Studies

By examining the following live samples, you can get an impression of our quality service:

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