Flip Page Publishing

If you are looking for a way to present your printed content to the online market, CreativePages gives you the perfect solution for digital publishing with flip page publishing. Flip page publishing allows you to present dynamic online content - be it newspapers, magazines, brochures or catalogues.

At CreativePages, we understand that you want to give your readers a wonderful online experience that positively reflects on your brand. Our service not only helps you to convert your printed content into online content, we can also create holistic multimedia display that can be accessed using various platforms.

Flip Page Publishing

Why Flip Page Publishing?

With flip page publishing, you get to:

• Expand your audience reach.

• Create an interactive and engaging platform.

• Track content performance.

The world has turned digital; it is said that one in every five people worldwide are Smartphone owners, while one in 17 people have tablets. These numbers are much higher in developed countries where over 50 percent of the population own smartphones. These tech-savvy groups of people use these devices to access the internet which just goes to show that with flip page publishing, you will expand your target audience by the millions.

Flip page publishing can be a valuable addition to your marketing campaign as you can integrate your brochures and catalogues to your social networking feeds, profile pages, email campaign and other similar mediums, giving you a chance to reach a much wider audience. These flip page editions, as we mentioned, are supported on various platforms and can therefore be accessed by various devices.

It’s not just about transforming your print content for web; it’s more about creating an interactive platform that allows you to give your audience a multimedia experience with visuals and sound. One of the most important benefits that come with flip page publishing is the fact that you can actually track how well your content or marketing campaign is performing.

With analytics tracking and reporting, you can analyze how many unique viewers you receive, the amount of time they spend on your page, their locations, levels of interaction and much more. These are just some of the top benefits.

Gaining Leverage with Technology

CreativePages gives you a chance to leverage on digital publishing, by making your marketing endeavors much simpler and more productive.

Besides digital publishing, you also get:

• SEO.

• Social sharing.

• Content protection.

Your content is optimized for the web, making it much easier for search engines to find you. This means greater traffic and higher conversions. You also get social sharing on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, just to mention a few.

Content protection and CreativePages ensures that you have full control to access your publications with encryptions and password protection, when needed. The future is here and at CreativePages, flip page publishing is without a doubt the future of publishing. Let us help you turn your flipping pages into ideas.

Your audience will be able to access your content using desktops, tablets and smartphones from major operating systems, such as Android and iOS. What’s even better is that your publications can also be viewed online or transformed for offline viewing.

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