Free Flipping Book Software: Is It Really For Free?

Flip page publishing is widely in demand as more people have recognized the power of distributing content, digitally. Many people are looking for the cheapest option and free flipping book software programs are all the rage. But, are they really free?

There are a lot of free and cheap tools that promise to convert your PDF files, to page flipping eBooks. What most people do not know is that these free page flipping programs are of very poor quality, like most free things. The results are often disappointing and you could end up losing a lot of time and clients.

CreativePages provide high quality in-house professional page flip services that will give your content the professional image it deserves. We understand that your online content should bear testament to your brand image. With our page flip services, you can expect digital content that will attract clients and lead to greater conversions.

Free Flipping Book Software

CreativePages: Our Free Offer

We do not have free flipping software to give away. Creativity and innovation are expensive, and we believe that you get what we pay for. However, we understand that you want to know what our software provides and we can give you a free sample of our flipping book service.

 For the free sample all you have to do is:

• Fill the sample request form.

• Include a file less than 3MB.

For many companies, the samples provided usually include previous works. We work as per your needs. Ideally, we prefer that you attach a 150dpi PDF file which is not larger than 3MB. Our free sample service comes with zero obligations.

Disadvantages of Free Flipping Book Software

While free flipping book software programs are enticing and give you a chance to save your hard earned money, you need to be careful about using them.

 Here is what you probably do not know about free flip page book makers:

• Most programs require installation which poses as a computer risk.

• They are complicated and hamper creativity.

• They come with limitations.

Freeware programs come with installation requirements which, as we all know, may put your computer at risk. Many of these freeware programs are associated with spyware, viruses and Trojan horse. In-house page flipping is an intricate process, as it incorporates design to create a masterpiece for your clients. However, these theme-based templates have limited flash styles, backgrounds and designs that hamper your creativity when it comes to making flipping pages.

There are dozens of parameters that need to be set, in order to create a flipbook and with free software programs you do not get to explore these parameters. Like all free things, you will encounter limitations, like for examples some may not allow you to import PDF documents, photos or PowerPoint. What you will notice is that these tend to be connected to a purchase.

So are these free flipping book software programs really free? Our analysis leads us to say no they are not. They come with various catches and most just work as advertisements. At the end of the day, you have no creativity control and at some point you will have to pay. Test CreativePages professional page flip services by asking for your free sample.




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