Save the Environment! Stop Printing and Use CreativePages' PDF Flip Page Services

Technology is playing a primary role in the ‘Go Green’ campaign and at CreativePages we are making our
contribution with our flip page services.

Digital publishing with flip pages is indeed taking on a green path as it helps to cut down on the use
of paper for printing. In our own special way, we are saving trees which as we all know are used in
making paper and also decreasing green house emissions.

Some Facts about Deforestation

Flip page services give you a platform to deliver your publications to a much wider audience without
destroying the environment. Now, the world of print publications has come with massive destruction,
due to felling of trees.

Here are some facts you may not know about the effects of deforestation.

• Tropical deforestation contributes to carbon emissions of about 1.5 billion tons.

• Deforestation is one of the major environmental problems in the world.

• 35 percent of felled trees are for paper production.

According to the World Resources Institute, deforestation is one of the major environmental problems that are facing the world today. It’s been observed that 35 percent of all fallen tress go toward the production of paper, which is a large number compared to only 16 percent of trees that have been specifically raised for pulp production.

Besides felling trees, the production of paper also has negative effects on the environment, as it contributes to the 1.5 billion tons of carbon emissions that comes from tropical deforestation. Creating digital publications, therefore, is playing a significant role as far as saving the environment is concerned. With CreativePages PDF flip page services, you get to play a small role in reducing the millions of paper that end up in landfills.

No Compromises with PDF Flip Page Services

Of course we cannot deny that using paper has its fair share of advantages but this does not mean that you are compromising with flip pages.

In fact, you are:

• Creating a richer and engaging reading experience.

• Gaining higher exposure.

• Saving on printing costs.

• Getting a higher ROI.

The digital revolution is not only making reading convenient but more engaging as well. Digital reading is more compelling and you get better displays of images and text compared to what you get with a standard paper experience. Accessibility to the internet has increased vastly over the past few years and. Your content can be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

Printed brochures have limited exposure in today’s date, since they can only be viewed where they are distributed. With digital publishing, your publications can be viewed from anywhere, plus with it you can opt for search engine optimization that can offer your digital content greater exposure, rankings, traffic and consequently sales. The return on investment is much higher than what you would get with print.

With CreativePages, you too have the chance to save the environment. You can reduce the papers filling our dumpsites and the amount of carbon pollution which is a result of paper production. You also get major savings with printing costs, making it a win-win situation.

Save the Environment! Stop Printing

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